Wednesday, July 13, 2011

She begins again…

I used to have a blog. I haven’t posted to it in over a year – (if you’re so inclined).  It was a knitting blog but my interest in knitting waxes and wanes – and I felt like if I had no new knitting content I shouldn’t really post.  Silly really since it’s my blog and I can post anything I want to it.   But my readers (all four of them) expected knitting content, even though I digressed a lot over the years I still felt like it was primarily a knit blog and since knitting wasn’t my number one for that moment I got away from blogging.  

I find that I miss blogging.  I like having that reference to go back and see what I was doing with my life.  Having a blog reminded me to take pictures of my finished projects.  There have been quite a few things that have gone un-photographed this past year, so sad.   I like having a platform to voice my opinions and record my musings.   When I started my first blog I never really expected to do it for any real length of time.  Four years later ... wow that long? ... no wonder I miss it.

So here I am again; starting a new blog.  This one will hopefully reflect a more rounded picture of who I am and what I do.  I’m into everything and try most things at least once.  When I get a new hobby I tend to jump in with both feet and a checkbook (or I suppose these days it’s more like a check-card) I gets lots of new hobbies... someday I expect my checkcard will melt.

Welcome to my new space.  Its going to be my everything blog. Hopefully we'll have some fun adventures together :)